Chicago, IL (March 12, 2012) – GlobalView, a leading provider of energy data management solutions, announces a new agreement with EOX Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary of leading independent interdealer broker OTC Global Holdings LP (OTCGH).

EOX Holdings provides electronic over-the-counter brokerage services to clients and OTCGH subsidiary broker firms via its broking/trading platform, EOXLive, which is well-known in the commodities sector for its ability to combine the convenience of electronic trading with voice broking’s unique ability to provide market color and create bespoke transactions. This aggregated trade data, which leverages OTCGH’s breadth of brokerages, is now available via GlobalView’s SaaS-based energy data management solution, MarketView®.

MarketView users are now able to access natural gas and power forward curves from EOXLive to hedge opportunity against futures prices, monitor existing portfolios, evaluate energy costs, discover market trends and manage risk. Natural gas basis is represented for over 70 locations and as far as six years forward, while power covers up to seven years forward.